It's only been a few months since the Raptors took the Championship home and people still can't believe it's real. One person, in particular, seems to still be convinced that if an injury hadn't happened, things would be a whole lot different. Golden State Warriors star shooting guard Klay Thompson said in a recent interview with The Athletic that if he hadn't torn his ACL, the Raptors-Golden State final would have ended with a win for the Warriors.

Thompson seemed to be on a roll before falling and tearing the ACL in his left knee, according to Sportsnet. At this point, Thompson had no idea this had even happened. Remaining on the floor until assistance came to help him walk off the court, Thompson ended up taking his free throws before having to be subbed off due to his severe injury.

“I knew I hurt something, but I’ve just never done an ACL or any type of ligament,” Thompson told The Athletic. Thompson shares how he had never torn a ligament in his life, so he thought he just sprained his knee.

“Maybe I’d go back … I didn’t even think about it. I just heard that I had to go shoot the free throws and I literally just turned around and walked back like I had to,” said Thompson.

Speaking on the Warriors' loss to the Raptors, Thompson had this to say. "In my mind, yes, we would’ve won if I didn’t get hurt."

Klay's statement obviously doesn't sit well with Raptors fans. Even Yahoo Sports Canada threw some shade in their post about his comment.

As expected, fans are coming to the Raptors' defence, saying that their victory was hard-earned.

Just last month, Warriors player Kevin Durant received backlash after saying that this would be the last time the Toronto Raptors will be in the finals. Now, it's Thompson's turn to feel the wrath of Canada's basketball fans.

However, one fan does point out that what Thompson said was somewhat justified, when you put the quote into the context of his full interview with The Athletic.

The Raptors hit the court for the new 2019-2020 season next month and their first match against the Warriors is not until next year. When it finally comes around, it will certainly be intense.

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