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Toronto's Skyline Was A Giant Tribute To Kobe Bryant Last Night (PHOTOS)

The basketball legend was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

Toronto landmarks across the city paid tribute to basketball all-star Kobe Bryant after he was pronounced dead on Sunday. The NBA legend, who was killed alongside his daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash, left his mark on basketball-loving cities around the world, and Toronto was no exception.

The news of Bryant's death was felt across the 6ix last night and the city even went as far as to pay tribute to the beloved baller through various landmarks.

The CN Tower was turned purple on Sunday night in memory of the legendary Laker. Many Torontonians took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the tribute.

"Toronto is where I live, but I'll always be a Los Angeles girl at heart. Lakers forever! CN Tower lit up for Kobe Bryant," wrote one fan.

The Scotiabank Arena, which is the Raptors' home turf, also paid tribute to the 41-year-old with a memorial on the venue's outdoor screen.

The event space, like the CN Tower, changed their lighting to purple in honour of the basketball hero, who became synonymous with the colour after spending 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Tonight, we are purple and gold for a legend taken far too soon," Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment stated in a tweet regarding Scotiabank Arena. 

A Tik Tok video even shows a small shrine that was set up for the player outside of the arena. 

Members of the Raptors also weighed in on Bryant's sudden passing, after holding a moment of silence and an in-game tribute for the player.

"We are all in shock and we should cherish how lucky we are sometimes, we get so caught up in our profession about contracts, points, minutes and all-stars or whatever that you kind of forget what's really important in your life," Marc Gasol said in an emotional post-game interview. 

"Today, we are thinking of Kobe and his daughter Gianna, and of his teammates, his friends, and most especially his loved ones. Along with our NBA family, we are united in grief and deeply saddened at the loss of one of the greatest players in our sport, who was taken far too soon," read the Raptors' official statement on the matter.

"We send our condolences to the Lakers, and especially to his wife Vanessa and to his daughters, who will forever miss their father and sister," it added.