The next time you're starving, you need to check out this Japanese restaurant near Toronto. They specialize in making authentic Japanese comfort food, just like you'd find in Tokyo. On the menu at Kome Shokudo in Richmond Hill, they offer an insane 5.5-lb bowl of gyudon that is bigger than your head!

Around Toronto, you can find all sorts of delicious and massive food items that will make your jaw drop. From a giant pot of cheesy ramen to supersized slices of pizza, not to mention a 16-lb bowl of pho, there is no shortage of unbelievably huge meals you can try to conquer. The next dish you need to try to complete is Kome Shokudo's massive bowl of gyudon.

For those of you who haven't heard of gyudon before, it's basically a Japanese beef bowl. This bowl of hot steaming rice is topped with thin pieces of beef that's cooked in a slightly sweet sauce. It's a delicious combination you need to try, if you haven't already.

For those of you who absolutely adore gyudon, you'll want to try Kome Shokudo's Megalo-Don Challenge. You'll need to finish the 5.5-lb mega gyudon bowl in just 30 minutes! If you're successful, you'll not only get the meal for free, but also a gift card worth $200. It's totally worth trying. 

Otherwise, the dish costs a whopping $80, so make sure you're starving before you attempt to tackle this challenge. To sign up, you'll need to register by phone or in-store a day before.

If you think 5.5 lbs of gyudon is more than you need, they also offer standard-size bowls too. A regular bowl starts at $7.99, the large starts at $9.99, and the jumbo starts at $11.99. Kome Shokudo also offers a variety of gyudon with cheese, vegetables, and even a Canadian version — a gyudon poutine.

Do you think you can eat all of the 5.5-lb bowl of gyudon? Then head to Kome Shokudo at 1383 16th Ave #2 in Richmond Hill to sign up for their challenge.

Kome Shokudo's Megalo-Don Challenge

Price: Free if you can eat the 5.5-lb bowl in 30 minutes

Address: 1383 16th Ave #2, Richmond Hill, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you complete the challenge, you'll also get a $200 gift card!

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