It could’ve been the shot, the cherry on top of the cake that is Kyle Lowry’s seven-year career with the Raptors - but instead, it’s a meme. The Kyle Lowry last shot, which the player missed by a lot, was a hard to pill swallow. The Warriors were squeaking by with a single-point lead in the fourth quarter. It looked like Leonard was going to have the last laugh, until he found himself caught in a double team.

Out of desperation, Leonard handed the ball to Fred VanVleet. VanVleet then passed it off to Lowry, who was in the perfect position to sink a game-winning basket, but of course, he didn’t. It was as if the sound of the basketball bouncing off the rim and flying right back into the Warriors' hands could be heard across the whole city, as Raptors fans slowly came to accept that history would not be made on Monday night after all.

In case it wasn’t painful enough for you to watch it go down the first time, you can re-watch the heartbreaking moment all over again right here:

Fans on Twitter quickly went to work, creating hilarious meme reactions to the botched shot. All the funny GIFs in the world couldn’t make up for the devastating loss, but at least they provide some comedic relief.

The memes that focus on Kawhi’s reaction to seeing Lowry in the locker room are truly outrageous:

The Raptors will now head back to Oakland for Game 6 on Thursday. If the Warriors manage to tie the series, we could see the Raptors back in Toronto for Game 7, which is sure to be the most intense game in the franchise’s history.