Two worlds colliding can make for a good or a bad combination. Believe it or not, the Toronto Raptors' Kyle Lowry and the NHL now have something in common. Although Lowry hails from the NBA world, a new in-game feature will give NHL20 players the ability to use the bball star in the new edition of the popular game. But the Kyle Lowry NHL hook-up has left Kyle himself wondering whether he's Canadian enough for such an honour.

According to the NHL20 section of the EA Sports website, KLow's "Syrup Shack" gear represents his Canadian side with the classic Maple Syrup and the colour purple. Purple, of course, is the OG colour of the Raptors franchise.

"Pancakes as his pre-game meal, Kyle Lowry has embraced Canada, Maple Syrup and all," reads a blurb on the site. "This collab throws back to the classic purple, showing deep respect for the city of Toronto. Get the SYRUP SHACK Adidas gear in-game and play with Lowry in ONES NOW."

This is a first for Lowry, being added into a game that's not entirely his sport. Nonetheless, the collaboration is certainly making waves among Torontonians and Canadians.

Lowry tweeted a promo video of him as an NHL20 character on Thursday afternoon, with the caption: "Does this officially make me Canadian?"

I mean, hockey and Canada go hand in hand, there's no doubt about that. But Lowry's been an adopted Canadian for quite some time and after playing a leading role in bringing a first NBA championship to the country, his status was seemingly set in stone already.

And that seems to be the overwhelming view among Lowry's followers, too.

Responses to Lowry's tweet were pretty heartwarming, to be honest.

"You were already Canadian enough for us before, this is just the icing on the cake." Ah, our hearts.

Kyle loves Toronto, and Toronto loves him back.

There's no denying this new puck collab takes Lowry's Canadianism to a whole new level, though.

Some people are never satisfied, though. "Nope, you have to try poutine," says one tweeter. 

Until then, sorry KLow, it looks like you're not quite there yet. At least, according to this guy.

According to EA Sports, players of the NHL20 game will have the chance to participate in Lowry's Squad Battle on Hockey Ultimate team. It will start on November 21 and last for a week. If you're victorious, you'll win the chance to use Lowry's in-game home jersey.

Tbh we think this hockey drip looks too good on (animated) Kyle. Who knows, maybe he's opened another career option.

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