Kyle Lowry is a family man. His Instagram is chock-full of photos of him and his two adorable sons. Despite the level of success he experienced this year with the Raptors, Kyle Lowry has stayed humble. He never seems to forget what’s truly important, especially when it comes to his fans.

92-year-old Alvena Chance, an avid Raptors fan, received a shout out from the NBA Finals Champion this week after the player and his family became aware of her somewhat surprising fandom.

According to CityNews, the elderly mother of eight received several pieces of Raptors memorabilia and even got a personal video message from Lowry, in which he thanks Chance for her support of the team.

“Hello Alvena, this Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors. I’m glad you supported us so much, your support meant so much to me, to all of our fans and our team, you know we're glad you had the opportunity to see us bring the champion back to Toronto, I hope your still partying and enjoying it, enjoy every last moment of it, thank you," Lowry says while thanking Chance in the short clip.

Unfortunately, Chance has dementia and was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that the Raptors star reached out to her. However, her family assured the news outlet that once things settled down, she would be able to appreciate the gesture better.

Chance’s family recalls in the video that before her condition worsened, she was up to date on all of Lowry’s stats. To see that she finally got a shout out from Lowry himself is beyond heartwarming. This is why Toronto loves him!