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Kyle Lowry Spent His Birthday Hanging Out With His Kids & It Was Super Adorable

Kyle and his kids are getting some quality time in.
Kyle Lowry Spent His Birthday Hanging Out With His Kids & It Was Super Adorable

As the Raptors continue to self-isolate, Kyle Lowry's birthday celebrations took place at home. However, the basketball superstar, who turned 34 on Wednesday, didn't seem to mind that his big day was spent indoors. Instead, he spent some quality time with his kids and it was adorable. 

The Raptors veteran may have been trapped inside like the rest of us, but he appeared to be in good spirits thanks to his kids.

On Wednesday, Lowry shared two videos on Instagram that showcased him and his two sons, Kameron and Karter, spending some time together during their self-isolation. 

In one video, Lowry could be heard asking his kids what they were doing, before they answered "Getting ready for basketball."

According to Lowry, while the day turned out differently than he had originally planned, he still had an amazing day for his 34th birthday. 

"34, it's been a great day for me! It's a bit different than I planned for, but I got to be with Karter and Kameron, so that's a win! These two are amazing! Thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone I really appreciate everyone!! I'm blessed really, I am," wrote Lowry.

Of course, Kyle's family weren't the only ones to show him some love on his special day.

The Toronto icon received a heartwarming video tribute from his teammates, some of whom we haven't seen since they went in self-isolation

Serge Ibaka, Fred VanVleet and Marc Gasol were just a few of Lowry's teammates who sent sappy video messages from their apartments, where they were also practicing social distancing.

Even ex-Raptor DeMar DeRozan made sure to wish Kyle a happy birthday on his special day. 

It's nice to know that despite the Raptors being separated at the moment, they still find ways to show support for their teammates. 

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