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Lowry Was Shoved By A Cavs Fan At Last Night's Game & He Was Pissed (VIDEO)

"The next time it happens, I don't know if I'll be able to control myself."

Nobody likes to be pushed around, but Kyle Lowry states that he's had enough. The NBA legend, who was made an all-star for the 6th time last night, claims a fan pushed him during the Raptors face off against Cleveland, and he's not sure he can take another incident. In fact, the star even states he might not be able to "control" himself if someone pushes him again. 

In a video of the incident, Lowry can be seen diving into stands to catch a loose ball, which he throws to Serge Ibaka. However, as he is pulling himself back onto the court, a fan shoves the 33-year-old in what appears to be an act of aggression.

The Raptor veteran than briefly turns back to the fan, looking ready to confront him, before getting back to the game.

According to TSN, the incident occurred in the fourth quarter of the game. Toronto was leading by 102-101 at the time, so things were tense. Lowry was attempting to block a shot from Pascal Siakam from going out of bounds when he dove.

The daring move, which allowed Ibaka to hit another three-pointer, ended up helping the Raptors win the game.

"I got pushed, and that's the second time it's happened to me," Lowry told TSN in a post-game interview.

"The next time it happens, I don't know if I'll be able to control myself. Fans like that shouldn't be able to lay any hands on you and shouldn't be a part of our game."

Lowry was also famously pushed during the Raptors Game 3 face off against Golden State Warriors during the NBA Final last year.

Mark Stevens, the co-owner of the Warriors, shoved Lowry after he leaped into a row of seats to prevent the ball from going out of play.

Stevens, who also accused of yelling vulgar remarks at Lowry, received a one-year ban from the NBA and $500,000 fine over the incident.