Who likes getting left out of a picture? No one does. Yet, we’ve all been in that awkward situation where two of our close friends are huddling together for a selfie, and we get stuck in the background, but if you’re Kyle Lowry, you make the most of moments like that. The Raptors star pulled off an epic photobomb on Drake and Fred VanVleet on Monday night as the two attempted to take a cute photo with Fred’s daughter.

In the photo, “the twins” can be seen smiling innocently, and at first, it's hard to notice who is lurking in the background. However, once it is seen, it can never be unseen.

Lowry’s face, hovering like a blurry phantom in the tiny space between Drake and VanVleet’s daughter's head, creating a truly hilarious bomb, seriously it looks like he was trying to give us a mini-heart attack with that smile.

Naturally, fans were quick to spot Lowry’s glaring appearance in the shot and even quicker to take to Twitter to highlight it.

“Y’all had to crop out what he said about Lowry,” wrote one user, about Drake’s original post, which features a comment about the player’s appearance.

“Is everyone just going to ignore that other Goat in the background?” added another.

Fans have long been enamoured with the uncanny resemblance between Drizzy and VanVleet.

The rapper even acknowledges the fact after his “little brother” chipped his tooth after taking an elbow to the face during Game 4 of the NBA finals last season.

Since then, it's basically been established that the two are secretly related, and we’re okay with that.

The Raptors managed to defeat their old rivals the 76ers in an exciting match up last night.

I mean, there was no epic Kawhi shot this time, but a win is a win, and Toronto’s new line up is proving to be a force reckon with.

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