Whenever someone talks about sitting on the shore of Lake Ontario, we tend to think about cottage life or a weekend getaway. For some people, though, it's the daily way of life. There are a bunch of amazing lakefront houses for sale in Toronto that really show us what we're missing.

The calming and peaceful vibe you get from escaping the busy city life is truly something worthwhile. Imagine, you could have that serenity every day. If you have the money for it, that is. There are so many ridiculously extravagant mansions in Toronto with bedrooms on bathrooms, but living on the lake brings its own sense of freedom and adventure.

If only we could afford this, or even come close, then we'd most definitely want to live along the beautiful lakeside that this region of Ontario has to offer. Here's a list of nine mansions within virtual touching distance of Lake Ontario, and trust us when we say some of these will leave you drooling.

Some of these houses are fairly new while others have definitely had an upgrade or two over time. Nonetheless, they're absolutely breathtaking. When it comes to catching the most stunning sunrises and sunsets, you bet you can watch that beautiful view almost every day in one of these huge mansions.

King Street, Oakville

[image 5dbc6b08d7b3d87916cb2b3e]

Price: $2,495,000 (4 bedroom, 4 bathroom)

Address: 302 King St., Oakville, ON

Listed by: George B. Niblock - Royal LePage

If you've ever been by the lakeside in Oakville, you'll know how beautiful these houses are. It's not strictly on Lake Ontario, but it's literally a few metres away, and who's counting with a place like this?

Birch Hill Lane, Oakville

[image 5dbc6bcdf4628407679e8a25]

Price: $6,998,000 (6 bedroom, 8 bathroom)

Address: 1 Birch Hill Ln., Oakville, ON

Listed by: Christopher Invidiata - Re/Max Aboutowne Realty.

This mansion is situated along the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Oakville and it is total goals. The listing almost guarantees beautiful sunset views along the water.

Watersedge Road, Mississauga

[image 5dbc5576d7b3d87916cb2831]

Price: $4,750,000 (5 bedroom, 9 bathroom)

Address: 1539 Watersedge Rd., Mississauga, ON

Listed by: Sam McDadi - Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc.

With a beautiful view of the lake from the master bedroom, you'd never want to leave your bed. Well, apart from to enjoy the rest of this majestic house.


West Street, Oakville

[image 5dbc6ea0f4628407679e8a7d]

Price: $3,398,000 (4 bedroom, 3 bathroom)

Address: 18 West St., Oakville, ON

Listed by: Robert Jendrzejczak - Right At Home Realty Inc.

This house literally has the lake in its backyard. This is the perfect place for long summer nights without having to go to the cottage. You'd never need to book a weekend trip again.

Lake Promenade, Toronto

[image 5dbc5616f5fb3006698d3a28]

Price: $2,250,000 (3 bedroom, 3 bathroom)

Address: 345 Lake Promenade, Toronto, ON

Listed by: Rose MacLeod - Sutton Group Old Mill Realty Inc.

This great house has so much natural lighting that you'll enjoy the view of the lake at any point throughout the day. It may not be truly massive by Toronto's standards, but surely the lake is worth at least three bedrooms, right?

Lake Promenade, Toronto

[image 5dbc56a8ba9251075c08a18a]

Price: $4,000,000 (4 bedroom, 5 bathroom)

Address: 105 Lake Promenade, Toronto, ON

Listed by: Arta Dawkins - Re/Max Professionals Inc.

This mansion is only a few minutes away from downtown Toronto but is still located right on Lake Ontario. Talk about the best of both worlds! Convenient yet relaxing.

Lake Shore Drive, Toronto

[image 5dbc6f53f5fb3006698d3d89]

Price: $3,399,000 (4 bedroom, 4 bathroom)

Address: 139 Lake Shore Dr., Toronto, ON

Listed by: Howard Le - Homelife New World Realty Inc.

This beautiful home is so close to the lake, you could feel the cool waterfront breeze as you step into the backyard.

Brimley Road, Toronto

[image 5dbc5746d7b3d87916cb287a]

Price: $1,175,000 (2 bedroom, 2 bathroom)

Address: 7 S Brimley Rd., Toronto, ON

Listed by: Denise Doucet - Royal Lepage Signature Realty

This is certainly more unusual! It's not a houseboat, but this place makes living right on a pier so bougie and luxurious. You'll be sure to get a stunning sunrise and sunset every day, not to mention the freshest of fresh air.

Shorewood Place, Oakville

[image 5dbc57a3d7b3d87916cb2888]

Price: $6,998,000 (4 bedroom, 6 bathroom)

Address: 24 Shorewood Place. Oakville, ON

Listed by: Dan Cooper - Royal Lepage Real Estate Services LTD.

This backyard looks like a page from a Disney story. Almost enchanting in a way, you'll get a beautiful view every time. A pool and the lake?

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