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Leaked Emails Show Fyre Festival Organizers Laughed About Poor Conditions Before Festival

More details are emerging about Ja Rule's disastrous Fyre Festival. According to leaked emails from Fyre executives, organizers were aware of the festival's issues from the start. 

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The emails reveal the organizers' concerning obsession with cutting costs, particularly by drastically reducing the number of port-a-potties. The jokes throughout the leaked emails largely revolve around the toilet situation, with one exec joking "no one is eating so therefore is pooping..." 

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Just when you thought every piece of dirty-Kardashian laundry had been hung up to dry - what with sex tapes, drug scandals and baby mama drama - a new Kardashian appears with a whole lot of questions. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mommas, without you we wouldn't be here 😏 💕❤️🌸🌺

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These Are All The Makeup Products Each Kardashian Uses

Keep up with their beauty routines if you can! 😉

It's no secret that the Kardashians love their makeup products. I mean, they practically invented contouring (don't come for me they made it popular ok at least admit that!) and start most of the makeup trends we know and love.

While they definitely are the reason for the contouring craze, their love for makeup doesn't stop at sculpting the face. They've got their staple products for every possible kind of makeup you could want to apply to your face, whether you need it or not! So choose your Kardashian/ Jenner and see which products they've recommended the most over the course of countless interviews over their beauty routines. 

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The Kardashian/Jenner family (well, minus Kylie) is known for their love of fitness. They all post their different workouts on Snapchat, as well as an in depth look on their apps. However, we can't all train with the famous Gunnar Peterson, who trains Khloe, Kim and Kendall. Kendall is the jetsetter of the family, so she can't always train with him too. 

If you're like Kendall and don't have a ton of time, or are just lazy AF, this 11-minute workout will tone up your abs and hopefully turn you into a Victoria's Secret angel right away. Jk. But we can all dream. Kendall revealed her sacred ab workout on her app earlier this year, and it's definitely not easy. 

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