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Lobster Burger Bar Is Set To Open In Toronto In Late November And It Looks Amazing

Your ultimate seafood dreams are about to become a reality. Lobster Burger Bar is opening up in Toronto in late November 2019. The contemporary restaurant-bar is setting up on King Street West and will serve Canadian-sourced lobster and burgers. If this sounds like something you'd totally love, we've got all the deets for you so far.

If you're interested in what's on the menu at Lobster Burger Bar, it's actually more than advertised in the name, and we've got the info you need.

According to a press release made available to Narcity, you can expect to see classic items like lobster rolls, poutine, lobster bisque, and PEI mussels. There are even a bunch of shareable foods if you want to try it all.

Keen to get your burger fix? There's a 10oz beef burger, a 6oz bison burger, and the signature "Lobster Meets Beef" burger. What exactly is that, you may ask? Well, it's a 5oz beef burger with fresh lobster, topped with cheese. Make sure to arrive on an empty stomach!

This spot is designed to give you a pretty unique spin on classic seafood dishes and delicious cocktails. While exact details are being kept under wraps for now, the bar's focus is on fresh and high-quality products from local Canadian farmers and producers. That includes fresh lobster weekly from Canada's east coast.

So, not only does it sound delicious, but it's a boost for the Canadian food industry, too.

The restaurant will also have vegetarian options and can accommodate most dietary restrictions, according to the press release.

The health-conscious among you will be able to select gluten-free options and opt for lettuce bun alternatives. All their proteins will also be hormone- and antibiotic-free, so you know what's going in your mouth will be good.

If you're looking for a drink menu, we've got you covered, too.

The LBB caesar is featured on the menu, complete with a mini burger, lobster skewer, and additional garnishes. We don't know about you but to us, that sounds like a meal all on its own.

There will also be lobster martinis, classic cocktails, and a selection of 10 draft beer options on tap. Plus, you'll be able to get involved for their Snappy Hour, featuring exclusive drink specials.

There's no official launch date, so you'll just have to keep an eye out until it is announced. It was confirmed to Narcity, however, that a soft launch is planned for later in November. 

Lobster Burger Bar

Price: TBD

Cuisine: Seafood, burgers, and drinks

Address: 214 King St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you're a major seafood lover, a true burger fiend, or both, this will be a contender for your new go-to spot.

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