Lockdown Protesters Are Back In Toronto & This Time They're Singing 'O Canada' (PHOTOS)

Some of the activists claimed to be nurses and health care staff.
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Lockdown Protesters In Toronto Are Back & They're Singing The National Anthem (PHOTOS)

For the third weekend in a row, anti-lockdown protesters in Toronto have returned to Queen’s Park. This time, the activists were singing the Canadian national anthem, and were claiming to be nurses and healthcare staff. Once again, some protesters held the Canadian flag upside down, and carried signs that accused Justin Trudeau of “high treason.”

On Saturday, anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Toronto’s Queen’s Park, for the third consecutive weekend.

According to BlogTO, activists were carrying signs that addressed issues from vaccinations and firearms, to the economy and Justin Trudeau.

On social media, photos show one person carrying a flag that depicted a gun, with the words "come and take it," while another held a sign that read, "Quarantine is killing us. I am a nurse."

Videos from the protest also show small crowds singing the Canadian national anthem, some also waved the national flag upside down.

According to the signs, some of those protesting were health care professionals, including nurses.

Demonstrators have been calling for an end to the shutdown of many services, including local businesses, public spaces and, according to the signs, barbershops and hairdressers.

Despite announcements from the province that some services will soon reopen, it seems it's too little, too late for some of Toronto's protesters.

Photos from this weekend's protest show several signs referring to the federal government's recent gun ban.

Flags and signs depicted pictures of firearms and weapons, with slogans such as "come and take it," and "God reigns supreme." 

One disturbing sign showed an image of the prime minister, with the words, "HIGH TREASON."

Last week, at the same spot, demonstrators were spotted holding anti-lockdown signs that read "I need a haircut" and "Sign up here to die for the economy."

Other aspects of the protests have become increasingly controversial, as one activist offered "free hugs" to anybody who passed by, and others were flying the Canadian flag upside down.

One person at the scene last month also reported chants of "the virus is a hoax" and "fear is the virus."

Recently, Premier Doug Ford was asked about the anti-lockdown protests that have occurred in Ontario in recent weeks. 

Speaking on April 25, Ford blasted the "bunch of yahoos" that were involved.

The Ontario Premier described the demonstrator’s actions as “irresponsible, reckless and selfish."

The protests continue despite the province starting to make moves to gradually reopen the economy.

Earlier this week, Doug Ford announced that several businesses would be reopening, including retail stores able to open out onto the street.

Stores like Canadian Tire have also been given the go-ahead to reopen physical stores.

"There's no one that wants to open up the economy more than I do, and everyone else," Ford explained last month, "but we're going to do it responsibly."

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