Someone In The GTA Is $15 Million Richer So Check Your Lotto Max Tickets

The winner is from the Peel Region/Dufferin County area.
Lotto Max Jackpot Winner From Ontario Will Be $15 Million Richer

If you have been daydreaming about becoming Ontario's newest millionaire, you might want to pull out your most recent lotto ticket. A ticket from the Lotto Max jackpot from May 19 is still unclaimed and the company is looking for the winner. If you have the right numbers, you'll be adding a whopping $15 million to your bank account. 

One Ontario resident will be deciding how they want to spend their millions after last night's draw. 

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG), the single winning ticket was sold in the Peel Region/Dufferin County area. The winning numbers are 22 23 24 25 37 40 49 + 19. Although the OLG Prize Centre is currently closed, if you are the lucky winner you can still claim your tickets online. In an email to Narcity, representatives at OLG recommend that anyone who believes to be in possession of the winning ticket sign it and take it to a nearby OLG retailer, where you will receive a validation slip. 

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There was only one winning ticket that matched seven out of the seven numbers. Nobody was able to claim the second prize, which would have been $113,050.90However, 21 other fortunate players got third place by guessing six out of the seven numbers right, which got each of them a prize of $5,383.40.

This isn't the first time a $15 million Lotto Max prize has been won in Ontario this month. Just last week, a lucky ticket was announced to have been sold in Nepean, Ontario.

Ontarians have also been lucky enough to win the biggest jackpot of $70 million. 

Earlier this year, a Brampton man was able to cash in on the grand prize. 

He admitted that he first found out he became a millionaire after checking his tickets while warming his car up for work.

It's time to start checking your laundry or even your recycling for forgotten Lotto Max tickets.

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