Lotto Max's $70 Million Winning Ticket Was Sold In The GTA & Still Hasn't Been Claimed

The draw took place last night.
Lotto Max Jackpot Winning Ticket For $70 Million Was Sold In Brampton

You might want to check your lotto tickets if you bought one in the GTA this week. A lucky Brampton resident is about to have a life-changing experience after winning a $70 million Lotto Max ticket. The winner has yet to come forward to claim their prize, but there is still time because the winning numbers were only announced last night. The Lotto Max jackpot-winning ticket will be the biggest prize in Canadian lottery history if it gets claimed.The winning numbers were 03, 08, 12, 14, 17, 18, 29 + 11 bonus, says the OLG website. This lottery was so anticipated that there were lineups across the country for a chance to win big, according to CBC.

After there was no winner for the $70 million during the last draw, Canadians were ready to try again at their chance to be a multi-millionaire.

While there is only one winner for the jackpot, you aren't out of luck just yet, as multiple $1 million tickets also need to be claimed. Six tickets for $1 million each were sold in Brampton, Hamilton, the Niagara Region, Oshawa, Ottawa, and Pickering. There were also two tickets sold for $500,000 in Niagara Falls and Perth County. Two additional tickets for $333,333.40 were sold in Richmond Hill and Toronto, and another two in Brampton and York Region worth $197,679.90.

“We don't know who has the ticket,” OLG spokesperson Dita Kuhtey told CTV News. “As people come forward we will be able to share more information.”Whoever won the ticket should sign the back of it immediately if they have not already done so. They should also make sure to go to their nearest retailer so that they can claim their prize.

It looks like Ontario is very lucky this year. Five lucky winners also received Encore prizes of $100,000, which was the lowest winning prize, but still a large sum of money. Those winners were located in Lanark County, Renfrew County, Simcoe County, Sudbury and one was online on

In total, there were 10 winning MAXMILLIONS tickets sold across Ontario.

Sometimes prizes do go unclaimed, like a lottery ticket for $10,000 last week that no one came forward to collect the cash for.

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