A Lotto Max Winner In The GTA Is $15 Million Richer & Doesn't Know It Yet

Check your tickets!
Lotto Max Winner In Brampton Is $15 Million Richer & Doesn't Know It Yet

Have you been daydreaming about how you would spend millions? Well, one GTA resident's dreams are about to come true. A Lotto Max winner is somewhere in Brampton, and they are about to be $15 million richer. 

It's time to check your tickets because according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), Tuesday nights draw was a big one. 

The winning numbers for the $15 million ticket are 05 27 34 37 39 41 47 +20 but nobody has claimed it yet.  

However, OLG has announced that the winner was somewhere in Brampton.

So if you bought tickets recently, it's time to go through your pant pockets and purses to see if those numbers match! If you happen to be the lucky winner, OLG recommends that you take your ticket to a nearby OLG retailer to receive a validation slip. At the moment, all Prize Centres are closed. 

However, don't throw away your tickets if you didn't score the $15 million.

This millionaire isn't the only one who lucked out last night. 

Twenty-seven people also won the third-place prize of $4,307.80. 

On top of that, another 72 people won $969.20 and another six won the encore draw, which garners $1,000. 

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So if you didn't win the grand prize, it doesn't mean you won't be taking home some extra cash. 

Brampton has been on a roll this year when it comes to winning Lotto Max jackpots.

In January, a lucky Bramptonian won the $70 million jackpot, which is the biggest prize in Canadian lottery history. 

The lucky guy found out he had become an instant millionaire after checking his numbers while warming up his car to go to work. 

Other parts of the GTA have also had their fair share of luck. 

Just last week, someone won $15 million in the Peel Region/Durham County. 

So if you're feeling lucky, it's time to check those tickets!