Lotto Max's $50 Million Ticket Was Sold In Vaughan But Nobody Has Claimed It

Check your pockets, people!
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Lotto Max's $50 Million Ticket Was Sold In Vaughan But It Hasn't Been Claimed

If you bought a ticket for Friday night's $50 million lottery draw, you might want to check your numbers again. A single winning token was sold in Vaughan this week and the victor has yet to claim their new fortune. The Lotto Max $50 million winning ticket could be in your pocket, right now!

After a lucky Brampton local won a whopping $70 million in the same lottery draw last week, Ontarians were willing to try their luck for the huge $50 million that was up for grabs on Friday night.

If you haven't checked your digits yet, the January 17 numbers were: 05, 06, 36, 39, 40, 46, 48 + 34 bonus.

As the jackpot winner from Vaughan has yet to come forward, it's worth digging around in your coat pockets and drawers for that little piece of paper — it could be worth a fortune!

If you didn't buy your ticket in the city of Vaughan, there's still hope for you. Last night's draw produced some other hefty wins across the province, including three ENCORE prizes worth $100,000 each.

These winning numbers were sold in Mississauga, Oshawa and Toronto.

While there's only one jackpot winner, it's worth double-checking and triple-checking your numbers — you never know if today could be your lucky day.

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Lottery players can check their numbers on the OLG Lottery App or on the Winning Numbers page on the official OLG website.

If you’re lucky enough to discover the mega-millions, you must sign the back of the ticket immediately, and head to your nearest retailer to claim your new riches.

When it comes to Lotto Max, it seems that Ontario is hogging all of the luck this year.

Last week, a Brampton local had the most adorable response when he received the biggest prize in Canadian lottery history.

While it took him a little while to claim his cash, better late than never is an expression that definitely applies!

That said, some big money tokens are never actually claimed, like a $10,000 ticket in January that no one came forward for.

The next Lotto Max jackpot is estimated at $12 million. It will be drawn on Tuesday, January 21.

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