Torontonians Think The Scariest Part Of The Luka Magnotta Doc Is A Mispronunciation

Erm, excuse us?
Torontonians Think The Scariest Part Of The Luka Magnotta Doc Is A Mispronunciation

Wait, that's not right. Canadians watching the Luka Magnotta Netflix docuseries, particularly those from the Toronto area, were struck by a bad mispronunciation in the show. It's fair to say the butchering of Etobicoke's name has not gone unnoticed.

A video shared on Twitter shows a clip from the doc about the Scarborough-born murderer. The show has proven popular on the streaming service in recent weeks and has totally reminded people of how horrifying Magnotta's story is.

The bit of footage doing the rounds on social media, though, focuses on a point in the show when a man named John Green, who helped track Magnotta, is talking about how Magnotta was photographed outside of his condo in Etobicoke. But... that's not what he says.

In trying to make his point, he completely changes the name of the area of the GTA.

He doesn't mispronounce it just once, but twice while also exposing himself to misspelling the name as he googled it in the docuseries.

If you're from Toronto, you're more than likely to know about the GTA suburb and how to properly say the name — this man clearly had no idea.

Naturally, the series has plenty of dark content, but it seems many Torontonians were most unsettled — disturbed even — by this particular moment. 

At least, that's if the general reaction from local viewers on social media is anything to go by.

"Etta-bi-coke," reads a comment from one person who's clearly trying to work out how Green would spell his pronunciation.

"My God! ETIbocoke? Seriously? Does he pronounce Quebec's largest city as MontREEL?" reads another rather more indignant comment.

"Torontonians: do yourself a favour, watch the Luka Magnotta crime series and listen to John Green pronounce Etobicoke," reads a message from a third viewer, who seems to just be here for the drama.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Given the widely varying ways Toronto itself gets pronounced by certain people in and out of the city, it's perhaps unsurprising that those unfamiliar with Etobicoke might have trouble pronouncing the Mississaugan name.

Talking of Mississauga, the name of that GTA city was also torn a new one by an ESPN host a few weeks ago.

It seems mispronouncing names in the Toronto area is all the rage.

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