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Mindy Kaling’s New Star Is Just Your Average Ontario Girl Breaking Hollywood

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan dishes on her Toronto life before the role.

It's been a big year for Canadians on television. Mindy Kaling's new show Never Have I Ever is the latest to put a canuck actor on the screen. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is getting her big break alongside the comedy icon, but before that, she was your average Toronto teen. 

The young actress told Narcity that growing up in Mississauga, she was just your regular high school student. Her parents both work in Toronto so she spent lots of time going into the city as a kid. 

"Love Kensington Market, and as a kid, I really loved Dundas Square because sometimes you’d see the batmobile drive by and that was the coolest thing to me," she said. "And I just love the big lights of Toronto and seeing all the big screens." 

Maitreyi's love for the city runs deep, as she revealed that she's a huge Raptors fan. She said she even went down to Mississauga's Celebration Square when they won the championship last year. 

But her true passion is in the arts. "I’ve always loved the arts, ever since I was a kid," Maitreyi told Narcity. 

She says she's always dreamed of being an actor and was planning to go to York University to study theatre. She still has dreams of getting into that program, despite her big role. 

"It’s a personal goal of mine to come out with a degree of some sort, whether it's in theatre or film," she said. 

She realizes now, though, that she "took a couple steps ahead" when it comes to her acting plans. 

It all started when Maitreyi and her friend saw Mindy's open casting call for a new project, which we now know is called Never Have I Ever.

After having to Google what slating was (its how you introduce yourself in an audition), they made her video and she says "it all took off from there." 

After going through the whole audition process, the teenager was back in her GTA home when the life-changing call came in. 

Maitreyi said that when she first found out she got the part, it took some time to fully sink in. "I did not register it at all whatsoever," she said, "because I was in such shock." 

Her family was with her when the news came in and along with her friends they have all been really supportive. "I’ve got a really good support team behind me," she told Narcity.

Now that team has been expanded to include makeup artists, an agent, and even Mindy herself. 

This latest project from The Office star, Never Have I Ever follows the life of an Indian-American teenager named Devi, who is played by Maitreyi.

It follows Devi's life as a high schooler, growing up as a first-generation American. The story is inspired by Mindy's own childhood.

The show will be coming out on Netflix, as part of their young adult content, but a release date has not yet been announced.