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Most Of America Is Actually Cheering For The Toronto Raptors In The NBA Finals

Except for 3 U.S. states according to a new Twitter map.
Most Of America Is Actually Cheering For The Toronto Raptors In The NBA Finals

The Raptors have been on fire lately, winning game after game to make it into the NBA finals. It looks like the Toronto team has managed to win the hearts of not just Canadians, but our neighbours down south too. A new report is showing that the majority of Americans are supporting the Raptors in the NBA finals, as opposed to U.S. team Golden State Warriors. 

BetOnline, a gambling site, recently created a map that showed which NBA team Americans were rooting for in the finals. The surprising result? The majority of Americans were supporting a Canadian team instead. 

According to the map, which was posted on Twitter, all the U.S. states will actually be cheering on the Raptors in the finals, except for three – California, Hawaii and Nevada. 

To create their map, BetOnline examined geotagged data from Twitter and looked at which team's hashtags, the Raptors' #WeTheNorth or the Warriors' #DubNation, were more popular and used in each U.S. state. 

According to SF Gate, it can't be explained exactly why the support for the Raptors is overwhelmingly stronger, but one reason could be that Americans want to see a new team take the championship. The Golden State Warriors have been the reigning champs of the NBA finals for the past two years, and the franchise has made it to the finals every year since the 2014-2015 season. 

Check out the map below! 

The tweet has garnered a lot of attention online. Since it was posted on Tuesday, it has gotten over 3,000 likes, 1,200 retweets and hundreds of comments.

Many Twitter users definitely have thoughts about this finding. 

Canadians all over are seriously excited for the Raptors to compete in the finals for the first time ever, including some of our resident Canadian celebrities like Drake and Shawn Mendes.

Tickets to the games are even being sold for over $100,000. If you're looking for a place to watch the game, free viewing parties will be held in theatres all across the country by Cineplex for the NBA finals. So make sure to tune in to Game 1 of the NBA Finals this Thursday at 9 PM ET to cheer on our Canadian team!