Doug Ford's Approval Ratings Are Seriously Low But Many Ontarians Would Still Vote For Him Today

Many Ontarians disapprove Doug Ford but would still vote for him if an election were held today.
Doug Ford's Approval Ratings Are Seriously Low But Many Ontarians Would Still Vote For Him Today

New Ontarian data has revealed something very unexpected. The majority of Ontarians disapprove of Doug Ford, which isn't that surprising, but many would still vote for him today – which is definitely a surprise. The study stating these finds was released earlier this week on January 28, 2019. 

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Mainstreet Research recently released data from their latest UltraPoll finding that most Ontarians would vote for Doug Ford in an upcoming election even though they don't like him very much. Their research revealed that 51% of the Ontarians surveyed have an unfavorable opinion of Ontario premier Doug Ford.

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The premier has been under fire lately. One of the biggest reasons for his unpopularity is due to his government making major changes to the OSAP affecting university students resulting in thousands of students protesting across the province. Doug Ford's buck-a-beer program also recently ended.

Many Ontarians even said that they felt he was the biggest problem the province was currently facing. However, despite his unpopular status, Ontarians would still vote for Doug Ford over any other premier candidate, reveals the survey. The poll asked Ontarians who they would vote for if an election were held today.

The winning candidate? None other than Doug Ford. In comparison, Opposition leader Andrea Horwath had a lower disapproval rating of 35.4%, but Ford still came out on top for votes. 

Almost half of Ontarians would vote for Doug Ford today, according to the report. "Among decided and leaning voters, the PCs led by Doug Ford have 41.4% (-0.8% from November), while the NDP led by Andrea Horwath come in with 27% (-0.5%)," read the report

"The PCs are doing well and are substantially ahead of their rivals, but Ford’s poor favourability ratings indicate a high amount of dissatisfaction with the government," read the report

Via Mainstreet Research

Via Mainstreet Research

The poll also revealed which parts of Ontario hated Doug Ford the most. The majority of Canadians in Northern Ontario would not vote for Doug Ford if an election were held today. Only 22.4% would vote for him, and 40% would vote for Horwath. 

Further down south in the province though, it completely changes. The GTA was one of the most likely parts of Ontario that would re-elect Doug Ford, with 42.9% saying they would vote for the current premier. Only 17.9% said they would vote for Horwath. It was similar for eastern and southwestern Ontario. 

It looks like, despite his unpopularity, Doug Ford would still be premier if an election were held today, based on the data from Mainstreet Research. To read the full report from the Mainstreet Research, you can visit their website

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