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A Man Has Died After Falling Down An Elevator Shaft In Toronto

He suffered fatal injuries from the fall.

Police in Toronto have confirmed that a man has died after falling down an elevator shaft in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) building on Saturday. Emergency services attended the scene of the incident at approximately 6 PM on Saturday evening but were unable to save the man’s life, due to the severity of the injuries that he had sustained.

Emergency Crews were alerted to the scene, located at Front Street and John Street in downtown Toronto, at around 6 PM Police had received reports that a man washing windows had fallen down an elevator shaft, landed on top of the elevator, and had become stuck. According to the Toronto Star, Constable David Hopkinson said police had responded to reports of a man with serious injuries, “swinging from cables” from an elevator.

Fire emergency crews were able to climb up the elevator shaft to provide emergency medical care to the man and attempted CPR for several minutes before the man was able to be freed from the shaft. Paramedics continued to provide critical medical assistance to the man, but he was pronounced dead at around 7 PM.

At the time of the incident, the official Twitter page of Toronto Police reported, “UNKNOWN TROUBLE: John St + Front St, -Man swinging from cables, -Fell through elevator hatch, -Injuries are serious, -Police/EMS [on scene], -Will be an emergency run.”

It is not yet clear what caused the man to fall down the shaft, or from what height he fell, but Toronto Police have confirmed that the Ontario Ministry of Labour will be conducting an investigation into the incident. Hopkinson told the Toronto Star, “Because it’s handed to the ministry, it usually implies that this is a work-related or worker-related incident,” said Hopkinson.

It is believed that the man was working within the building, but was not an employee of CBC. The identity of the man is being held while the police notify his family.

This comes only days after eight people became trapped in an elevator in the 56-storey Calgary Tower on Friday night. The group were travelling upwards in the elevator when suddenly the elevator’s supporting cables snapped, and the whole car dropped. 

If this was not terrifying enough, as emergency services arrived on scene to free the occupants, the elevator dropped for a second time. Firefighters were forced to perform what they call, a "high-angle rescue." The people trapped were required to put on a harness, climb a ladder and climb on top of the elevator, before shimmying over to a second elevator and climbing down into the functioning lift.

Despite the terrifying situation, thankfully, all of the people in the Calgary lift escaped without injuries.