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Man Cuts Power On TTC After Jumping On Tracks & Running Through Tunnels

A strange incident disrupted the TTC this morning.

TTC disruptions are something of a norm for Toronto commuters, but this Friday morning saw typical delays take a bizarre turn. According to Toronto Police, a man jumped onto the tracks at North York Centre Subway Station on Friday morning and began running through the tunnels. The man running on TTC tracks also managed to cut the power, which led to a service suspension at the top of Line 1.

The actions of the man caused power to be cut on the tracks and service to be temporarily suspended Northbound from Sheppard-Younge to Finch. Service between those stations has since been reinstated. 

According to the most recent police update, the suspect remains at large. Officers reportedly searched the tunnels but were not able to locate the man:

Details about the investigation are limited at this time. Further details will be provided as more information is made available. 

Back in April, police were alerted by the public that a man was pouring a stroller filled with fuel all over McCowan Station. It was never disclosed if officers were able to arrive in time to arrest the man but appears no one was hurt as a result of the strange incident. Just another average day for Toronto transit!