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M&M’S Just Released 3 New Insane Flavours And They’re Available In Canada

For a limited time only!
M&M’S Just Released 3 New Insane Flavours And They’re Available In Canada

Oh, Canada! We’re a wonderful country celebrated for our eternal devotion to hockey, seemingly endless winters, and delicious candy? You betcha, fam.

No lie, we’re huge on sweet treats in the Great White North. That’s why we’re beyond stoked one of our fave candies is launching three new flavours.

That’s right: Three. New. Flavours.

What candy do we speak of? The iconic, one-of-a-kind M&M’S, of course! They’re the colourful, crunchy, never-melt-in-your-hand, bite-sized bits of candy-coated chocolate you habitually stuffed in your coat pocket as a kid and, okay, maybe as an adult, too. 

M&M’S giving us all the globe-trotting feels with three limited-edition flavours: Mexican Jalapeño Peanut, English Toffee Peanut, and Thai Coconut Peanut. Talk about yum.

Here’s what’s up: Each flavour is pretty much a party in your mouth. No joke. I sampled all three flavours, and here’s my honest take on each.

Mexican Jalapeño Peanut: 

Okay so, admittedly, I was kind of nervous to try this one. I love spicy food but jalapeño and candy? Really? Yes, really. It’s got a subtle kick to it and a mega flavour punch. And honestly, it's addictive af.

English Toffee Peanut:

This one smells as delicious as it tastes! It’s buttery and crunchy and if, like me, you’ve got a mega sweet tooth then this one will def satisfy. In fact, it’s probably my fave of the bunch.

Thai Coconut Peanut:

I'm not gonna lie, I totally anticipated this one being overly sweet. Thankfully a hint of coconut combined with M&M’s signature peanut is pretty much the perf flavour combo. It’s kinda like a piña colada in candy form—in other words, totally tasty!

Now that I’ve described in complete tantalizing detail the deliciousness that are M&M’S new flavours, here’s the kicker: These flavours are limited edition only. I repeat: limited edition only.

Meaning, you can only get them for a short period of time. So not only are you gonna want to run to your local corner store ASAP, but you’re also gonna want to vote for your fave flavour.

That’s right—try all three new flavours, vote here for your favourite, and get automatically entered to win a trip around the world! That includes one stop in England, one stop in Thailand, and one stop in Mexico. Hells yeah.

Guys, this contest is so hype—we can’t even! Just imagine: You snacking on your fave M&M’S while sightseeing in England, sunning in Thailand, and sipping margs in Mexico.

Seriously, WTH are you waiting for? Grab a pack of each new M&M’s flavour and get to votin’.

Insider tip: Votes are limited to one person per day, meaning you can totally vote for your fave flavour every day!

Until then, tease your taste buds (and your inner travel bug) with M&M’S on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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