What are the best things in life? Falling in love for the first time? Getting married? Having your first child? For some people, probably. But for me, it's chocolate

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It's a cure for everything. It's a best friend. A bringer of smiles. A mender of broken hearts. I mean, c'mon guys, it's a powerhouse antioxidant and the oldest aphrodisiac in the book. It rules the world. It's the real best thing in life. And everyone knows it.

If you don't, then you're about to, because M&M’S® - maker of everyone's favourite bite-sized, candy-coated pieces of chocolate - just released something that will make you fall in love with chocolate all over again (if you haven't already). 

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M&M’S® is introducing a one of a kind chocolate bar that combines the brand's mini candies wrapped in delicious, creamy milk chocolate, and it's available in a whopping five flavours: milk chocolate, peanut, almond, crispy and crispy mint!

M&M’S® is known for taking everyone's favourite flavours and fillings and turning them into delectable treats, so this new permanent addition to the confectioner's lineup will undoubtedly be a hit. And let's be honest, it's a genius idea. M&M’S® are great... so M&M’S® surrounded by chocolate? That can only be one thing: even better!

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They also sound like they'd be pure perfection in some baking recipes. Cut them up and use them in M&M’S® brownies, melt them for some M&M’S® fondue, or stick one in a cupcake for a delicious bit of garnish.

If you're all aflutter with the thought of M&M’S® chocolate bars hitting the shelves, you won't even have to wait to try one. The brand new M&M’S® chocolate bars have been available in select stores across Canada since October 4th, and will be widely available in 2019, so go right ahead and get your hands on these tasty treats A S A P!

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Visit the M&M’S® website to find out more information, and to find out where you can get their new chocolate bars!