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7 Mansions For Sale In Toronto That Are Too Castle For The 6ix

Call your butler to start moving your stuff in!
Ontario Associate Editor
7 Mansions For Sale In Toronto That Are Too Castle For The 6ix

Toronto isn't just full of townhouses and condos. The city has several majestic homes that look like they're made for royalty. While many of us dream about a life of luxury, these homes give us a peek inside some of the most over the top abodes the city has to offer. With silk drapes and glittering chandeliers, you'll feel like you should be wearing a crown when looking at these spots. These mansions for sale in Toronto are so regal they're basically miniature castles.

Toronto is notorious for steep housing prices, and these palaces come with a heavy price tag.

With costs ranging from $4 million to nearly $23 million, it looks like we'll have to win the lottery to afford these spots.

Still, it's nice to dream, and you can take a peek into the lives of the uber-rich by gazing at these gorgeous spots.

From massive wine cellars to personal massage rooms, these places are much more than your average 3-bedroom homes. 

You'll half expect to see the Queen or someone from Downton Abbey lounging on the couch in one of the photos.

Check out these royal spots for sale right now around the city, and call up your butler to start moving your stuff in.

41 Highland Creek Crt.

Price: $4,885,000

Address: 41 Highland Creek Crt., Vaughn, ON

Description: With stunning archways, elegant drapes, and winding balconies, this place might as well be called Buckingham Palace.

2 Hyde Park Cir.

Price: $11,988,000

Address: 2 Hyde Park Cir., Toronto, ON

Description: With beautiful white walls and ceilings, a circular driveway, and a massage room, you'll want to wear a crown around this spectacular home.

29 Personna Blvd. 

Price: $5,600,000

Address: 29 Personna Blvd., Markham, ON

Description: This property has a tiny private island, fish pond, and tons of windows to illuminate the massive rooms.

167 Valley Rd.

Price: $9,380,000

Address: 167 Valley Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: Relax in your own home theatre, and wander through spacious gardens in this majestic house.

18 Denewood Cres.

Price: $6,995,000

Address: 18 Denewood Cres., Toronto, ON

Description: A massive wine cellar, indoor theatre, and fitness room make this place fit for a Queen.

The Bridle Path

Price: $22,900,000

Address: 85 The Bridle Path, Toronto, ON

Description: Set on two acres, this French-inspired chateau is complete with winding stone staircases, turrets, and a huge wine cellar.

22 Truman Rd.

Price: $10,890,000

Address: 22 Truman Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: Silk drapes, a private study, and a steam room make this spot perfect for the richest of people.

    Madeline Forsyth
    Ontario Associate Editor
    Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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