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Many Ontarians Feel That Doug Ford Is The Biggest Problem That The Province Is Facing Right Now

Nanos Research released a poll which shows that Doug Ford is the biggest problem that Ontarians are facing.
Many Ontarians Feel That Doug Ford Is The Biggest Problem That The Province Is Facing Right Now

It’s no secret that Doug Ford and his government have been facing some harsh criticism from Ontarians the past few weeks as some of his new policies and changes are starting to be announced. With a lot of the criticism coming from Ford’s approach on health care, education and minimum wage, Ontarians haven’t been shy when it comes to voicing their opinions. Today, Nanos research released their poll at Queen’s Park which shows that Doug Ford is the biggest problem that many Ontarians feel that they are facing.

Of course, like any political leader, Doug Ford is unable to please every single person in Ontario, and it's impossible not to gain some harsh criticism here and there.  Doug Ford's approval rating of 35% that was announced at the end of December, dropping 5 points from the provincial election. Yet the Ontario Public Service Employees Union released a statement today which stated that “Ontarians identified Ford as a bigger problem than climate change”.

This poll found that Doug Ford / the new PC Government and debt are the two biggest problems that Ontario is facing today (both 15%), followed by climate change, wages, jobs, the economy, and healthcare.  

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Nearly 90% of Ontarians feel that they will be affected personally by the public service cuts that Ford’s government is implementing, and 70% of those people are worried about the hurt that these cuts will cause. The poll also reveals that a majority of Ontario feels that Doug Ford’s government is moving in the wrong direction.

This poll also reveals that 55% of Ontarians state that they dislike Doug Ford and his “For the People” motto and disagree that Doug Ford represents average Ontarians. Of course, these results of the Nanos poll can clearly be seen through the protests that have been occurring about the new OSAP changes that have occurred as well as the freeze on minimum wage.

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OPSEU President Warren Thomas states that “it’s time for a PC priority shift. They’ve done a lot of deficit fear mongering to set the stage for deep cuts, but this poll shows Ford is completely at odds with most of the people he keeps claiming to be governing for”.

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Many Ontarians seem to agree, in the early OSAP cut announcement, many Ontarians took to Twitter to express their concerns for the students of the province and even protested outside Queen's Park about the issue.

 You can review the Nanos poll here.

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