Toronto Raptors fans have a lot to talk about at the moment. The new NBA season is upon us, bringing with it the unfamiliar feeling of being defending champions and the adjustment to post-Kawhi life. But now something else has got them talking, particularly when it comes to fan favourite Marc Gasol.

With the return to NBA action just a few days away, the Raptors posted updated heights and weights on the roster page of their official website.

As you might expect, after a summer of celebrating being named NBA champions, one or two Raptors stars have come back with a little more bulk on their frames.

It seems, in the nicest possible way, that "Big Spain" himself Marc Gasol has got a little bigger.

Gasol, the tallest and therefore unsurprisingly the heaviest player on the Raptors, has apparently put on 10 pounds over the summer, taking him from 255 pounds to 265.

Kyle Lowry also added some heft, going from 196 to 205 pounds, but it's Gasol who's attracted attention from fans in a positive way.

People think they know the cause, too, after Gasol's heavy summer of celebrations. First, he loved life to the max during Raptors' victory parade, before the same thing happened again after Spain's FIBA win.

"Marc putting on that 'parade weight', I love it," wrote one tweeter, while other users chose to instead define it as "beer weight" or "champagne pounds".

Gasol's a popular guy in Toronto, and who could begrudge him even if he has been indulging himself a little? One NBA championship and one world cup in the same summer? We're almost surprised he's back in practice at all.

Fans can enjoy themselves with "Beer Papi" one last time before the season kicks off. Gasol, a big soccer fan, will be at Toronto FC's playoff rally on Saturday at BMO Field.

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