Marc Gasol's Iconic Moments At The Raptors Victory Parade Will Give You All The Feels (VIDEOS)

There was nobody in the world who was celebrating the Raptors NBA championship harder than Marc Gasol.
Marc Gasol's Iconic Moments At The Raptors Victory Parade Will Give You All The Feels (VIDEOS)

It's been a wild week for Raptors players, fans and Canadians alike. Thanks to the Raptors clinching the 2019 NBA championship, the city of Toronto has been in a permanent state of celebration since the end of Game 6. And nobody's complaining - especiallyMarc Gasol

Raptors superfans like Drake and Nav Bhatia couldn't even keep up with Marc Gasol's energy at the Raptors victory parade in Toronto. This, of course, became clear to everyone after footage of him celebrating from the double-decker bus at the parade was posted by fans.

Gasol was radiating pure chaotic energy in the best way possible. As a result, fans were treated to an endless variety of wholesome Gasol content captured by those who were there to see it in person. While Kawhi may have been MVP of the series, Gasol is taking home MVP of We The North Day, as he should. 

In the spirit of Gasol giving fans the most entertaining content of the entire playoffs, we are going to give you a highlight reel of his finest moments from the parade. From chugging an entire bottle of wine to nearly falling off the top level of the double-decker bus - multiple times - here are Marc Gasol's best celebration moments: 

Giving fans what we can only describe as a tutorial on how to use workout ropes. 

Acting as the Raptor's official conductor of fan cheers. 

His dancing

Chugging what at first looks like a bottle of beer (due to the fact that Gasol is gigantic) but is actually an entire bottle of wine

More antics (ft. a massive inflatable basketball). 

Doing the billionaire strut. 

Of course, Twitter had to jump in with reactions, many of which proved to be even funnier than Gasol himself... almost

While we aren't sure how Marc managed to party so hard without falling off the bus, we sure are happy to see the Raptor celebrate his well-deserved victory. Marc likely woke up to a rough hangover and thankfully, hangovers fade. But his legacy as an NBA champion (and Toronto's new spirit animal) will live on forever.