It goes without saying that the Raptors' first NBA Championship parade was special for all of the players. However, it was Marc Gasol who took the event to the next level. Gasol’s teammate Danny Green reveals that Big Daddy Spain wasn't exactly on his best behaviour at the parade. Sitting next to Canada's Prime Minister didn't even put a stop to his hilarious drunken antics.

Green recounted his hilarious interactions with the inebriated ex-Grizzly at the parade during an appearance on Inside The Green Room this week, and it is pure gold.  During the interview, the Raptor mentions how Gasol kept telling him how drunk he was, despite the fact that they were sitting right next to Justin Trudeau. Which Gasol seemingly couldn’t care less about because they were "playing his jam".

"He's like 'I'm drunk bro, that's my song!'” Green said about Gasol. Thankfully, Gasol is a fun drunk and the team just let him do his thing. And he took full advantage of that:

“The real Memphis came out in Marc when he started drinking,” said Green. “I think he bit me at one point too.” “That's when I told Matt (Matt Delvin, the Raptors announcer), you can't give Marc the mic. He might say something crazy."

Although it would’ve been amazing to hear what Gasol had on his mind at the time, his teammates were just trying to look out for him by keeping him away from the mic.

It was announced this week that Gasol has accepted his 25.6 million player option and will be returning to the Raptors this upcoming season. Hopefully, he’ll finally get the chance to give his speech next year after the Raptors take home another title.