Marcella Zoia's Lawyer Insists She's Not A Cokehead, Just Your Everyday Chair-Thrower

Toronto's chair girl has found herself in hot water yet again.
Marcella Zoia's Lawyer Insists She's Not A Cokehead, Just Your Everyday Chair-Thrower

Marcella Zoia has a real knack for getting herself into sticky situations via social media. According to the Toronto Star who spoke with her lawyer, Marcella Zoia took a drug test recently and is waiting on the results. The test was to prove that Zoia isn't using drugs, specifically cocaine, after a video clip posted on her personal Instagram appeared to suggest otherwise.

In the clip, which was part of a live stream on Zoia's Instagram account, Zoia can be seen sitting at a table with a few other people. An object resembling a small bag is thrown onto the table, then a voice can be heard asking, "Where is the coke at? The cocaine!" Zoia quickly interrupts and attempts to clarify that the person is talking about Coca Cola, not cocaine.

The video then skips forward, and Zoia slurs a brief sentence about her infamous chair-throwing incident. It's hard to make out exactly what the 19-year-old says, but it sounds as if she says, "People of Brazil I was going to throw a chair off this downtown balcony, but I was too scared, don't throw chairs off of balconies guys!”

“Even if the drug was present at the party, she was not doing it, she doesn’t do cocaine and she’s gone for a test ... to prove that she doesn’t do cocaine,” Leslie stated to reporters in a downtown courthouse where he was waiting for a jury verdict in a murder trial, according to The Star.

Zoia became an infamous figure on social media after she threw a chair off of a high-rise condo balcony in Toronto. The chair fell hundreds of feet onto the nearby Gardiner Expressway. Zoia was reportedly kicked out of her dental hygiene program after criminal charges were laid against her by the Toronto Police.

Zoia’s drug test results are expected to be revealed on Wednesday, her lawyer affirmed. She will appear back in court on June 14th.

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