Marcella Zoia Toronto Court Appearance Begins As She Enters In Huge Sunglasses (VIDEO)

Toronto Chair Girl was back in court this morning as she got ready to plead her case to a judge. Zoia famously threw a chair off of a Toronto highrise condo building and onto the Gardiner Expressway last year, but thankfully didn't hurt anyone. Marcella Zoia is pleading guilty and showed up to court today dressed in an all-black outfit. "Chair Girl" was spotted by CTV News walking into court with no jacket, but donning giant dark sunglasses, with no possessions but her phone in her hand. Her clothes were all black with a flowy black sweater that hung around her shoulders as she briskly walked toward the crowd of reporters that were waiting in front of the courthouse.She also wore a small smirk on her face, as we have seen before, and made no comment to the slew of questions from eager reporters while she walked inside.

It looked a lot like a paparazzi scene, which she clearly prepared for by hiding her eyes behind those gargantuan sunglasses. Three other women followed her into court wearing dark sunglasses, though not as giant as hers.The Toronto Star reports that Zoia has not been to court for her case since February.

She was dressed conservatively for court today, which is a change from her usual style on her Instagram page, where is she often seen wearing some more creative pieces. 

However, this isn't the first time we have seen Zoia in an all-black outfit. The 19-year-old was also spotted wearing all black during her previous court appearance in February, and when she was filmed throwing the chair off the balcony.

Court didn't last long. She reportedly went in, while the jury watched the 10-second video of the chair-throwing incident, to which the judge asked her if she was the one that can be seen in the video, to which she responded that she was. 

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Zoia pleaded guilty to Mischief Endangering Life and could face up to six months in prison due to her crimes 

She will be back in court on January 14 for sentencing.

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