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Chair Girl Was Nowhere To Be Seen In Court Today & Her Sentencing Got Postponed

Marcella Zoia was supposed to be sentenced at Old City Hall today.

It was a busy day in court on Thursday morning as Marcella Zoia's sentencing hearing was postponed again. Chair Girl will be returning to court on March 30, where she could be facing jail time. The 20-year-old rose to infamy last year after a video of her tossing a chair off of a Toronto highrise condo went viral.

Greg Leslie, Zoia's lawyer, told Narcity at Old City Hall that they were "unable to proceed" with today's sentencing. He did not provide an explanation or speak to the media. Zoia was nowhere in sight.

Kayla Goodfield of CTV News reports that the judge hasn't been able to finish her decision because she's been sick. Leslie said to Goodfield that the decision to postpone has "nothing to do with his client."

On Thursday morning, the Crown announced that Zoia's hearing will be postponed again until the end of the month. This isn't the only time that Zoia’s court date has been delayed.

She last appeared in court in February to be sentenced. However, the case was pushed back as the Crown needed more time to make the sentencing decision. 

During her hearing in February, Zoia apologized for her viral video. She reportedly said before the judge, "I’m sorry...I never intended to hurt anybody and I know this was a very immature and selfish mistake...I have a lot of work to do I want to improve my life..I’m aware that someone could have been hurt or I could have caused an accident."

Leslie told Narcity in February that he hopes his client will be able to avoid jail time. 

When asked about his client's chances of actually facing jail time, he said, "Our objective is a suspended sentence, so probation more or less, with community service."

"There are a number of factors you have to take into consideration. But also, her age," Leslie continued. "When you are that young, I think the issue of rehabilitation is first and foremost. That’s what we state as defence."

In addition to four to six months in jail, the Crown is pushing for two-year probation, community service and a possible social media ban as punishment, CTV News reports.

The Crown accused Zoia of using the fame she gained from the video to help grow her social media.

Back in December, Drake fans were shocked when they spotted Zoia in the music video for his song “WAR.”

The controversial figure originally had a brief cameo in the rapper’s surprise release. However, her appearance was later edited out after her inclusion sparked a backlash on social media.