Chair Girl Wipes Her Instagram Ahead Of Her Sentencing Tomorrow

She deleted every photo except for one.
Chair Girl Wipes Her Instagram Ahead Of Her Sentencing Tomorrow

It looks like Chair Girl has decided to do some early spring cleaning ahead of her court appearance. Marcella Zoia wiped her entire Instagram feed, leaving just one photo behind for her 45,000-plus followers. Zoia's set to return to court on Thursday, March 12 for her sentencing.

Zoia also disabled the comments on the single photo she kept, a shot of her in a head-to-toe black ensemble with the CN tower behind her.

After her February 7 hearing, Ontario Court Judge Mara Greene said that the court will adjourn for a decision on March 12, when she's finally set to receive her punishment.

According to the Toronto Star, the Crown is pushing for four to six months in jail, including two-year probation, community service and even a social media ban.

However, Zoia's lawyer Greg Leslie suggested that she receive a two-year or longer suspended sentence with probation.

After the infamous viral incident led to a new crop of followers, Zoia managed to get her Instagram account verified, blue checkmark and all. With a social media ban, though, she may have to kiss her Insta-fame goodbye.

According to The Star, Leslie spoke to reporters after the February hearing outside of Old City Hall. He says he does not believe that a ban on social media is at all fair and denying her of that would be a "violation of her rights."

Zoia reportedly apologized for her mistake, calling it "immature and selfish".

It seemed that Zoia managed to leverage her fifteen minutes of fame, though. She landed a part as a background extra in Drake's music video "WAR." However, Zoia was later cut from the video. Director Theo Skudra released a new version due to "certain people we don't condone."

As for her Instagram sweep, Zoia must have taken Leslie's advice and to stop sharing so much on Instagram. According to Newstalk 1010 journalist Siobahn Morris, Leslie said that based on the nature of her posts, the media has made Zoia out to appear careless.

Zoia’s hearing will begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday at 60 Queen St. West, where her fate is set to be determined.

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