Chair Girl's Sentencing Has Been Pushed Back Because Of Snapchat

Zoia's sentencing has been pushed back until February 7.
Toronto Staff Writer
Marcella Zoia's Court Date Has Been Pushed Back Because Of Snapchat

Courts were back in session on Tuesday afternoon as Toronto's Chair Girl arrived for her sentence hearing. However, the session didn't last long as Marcella Zoia's court date for her sentencing was quickly pushed back yet again. The decision was met after new information came to light about the accused alleged Snapchat video. Greg Leslie, the 20-year-old's defence lawyer, stated in a pre-sentence report that his client didn’t actually post the famous video. However, the Crown wants to prove that.

According to CBC's Meagan Fitzpatrick, the case will now be pushed back until February 7, 2020, so that prosecutors can call a witness to prove that Zoia posted the video online herself, which she denies doing.

Zoia pleaded guilty to mischief endangering life back in November after Toronto police launched an investigation into the now infamous viral video that originated on Snapchat of her throwing a chair over a balcony near the Gardiner Expressway.

The incident had taken place at a building near Harbour and York streets on February 9, 2019.

Thankfully, the then 19-year-old’s stunt didn’t result in any injuries or damages.

However, that didn’t stop police from calling it “horrific” and landing the teen a spot in the limelight across the 6ix. 

Her lawyer, Greg Leslie, had told reporters several times throughout the case that his client could face up to six months in jail.

Zoia didn’t exactly go into hiding after being let out on bail last year. The notorious Toronto figure, who was ordered to live with her mother and avoid contact with specific individuals, recently became Instagram certified. 

Two weeks after her guilty plea, Zoia could be seen partying at Wildflower, a Toronto night club, celebrating her 20th birthday.

She was also controversially featured in a scene in Drake’s Blue Mountain Resort-shot video "War" back in December.

However, she was later removed after the rapper received stiff backlash over her inclusion.