If you live in the 6ix chances are you’ve heard the name Marcella Zoia before. If it doesn’t ring any bells, you might know her by her infamous nickname “Toronto Chair Girl.” The 20-year old, who spent most of 2019 in legal battles, rose to internet fame after tossing a chair onto the Gardiner Expressway from a highrise balcony. Since then, she has become something of a Toronto icon, and Marcella Zoia’s Instagram photos show an inside look at the life she has been living. 

Despite her crime-driven rise to prominence, Zoia’s fame has come with a price.

The Instagram star pleaded guilty to mischief endangering life back in November, which could result in her spending up to six months in jail.

Zoia’s case looked to be on the verge of finally getting resolved earlier in January, after facing several delays, but was pushed back in light of new evidence.

Greg Leslie, Chair Girl’s defence lawyer, stated in a shattering pre-sentence report that his client did not post the video that made her famous. However, prosecutors are looking for more evidence towards this statement. 

The social media figure will hear her fate on February 7, 2020. However, until then, her personal Instagram page shows an inside look into the model's real life. 

Zoia's modelling career is something that has been in the limelight since the video of her throwing a chair off a balcony went viral. 

In fact, the icon even travels for her modelling gigs. She actually missed one of her court-dates because she was busy fulfilling a contract out in Miami.

Zoia also loves to represent her heritage. One thing that some people may not know about Zoia is that she is Brazilian-Canadian.

One photo on her Instagram page shows her proudly hold up the country's flag with the caption "always representing."

Chair Girl's Instagram also hints that she loves to celebrate Halloween.

The model can be seen rocking various costumes in a number of her Instagram photos, including a police officer and an army soldier. 

Another significant insight into Zoia's life is that it appears she loves to hang out around the city.

The icon has often been spotted out in upper-end Toronto joints, and her 20th birthday party was hosted at the famous Toronto nightclub Wildflower.