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Marcella Zoia’s Lawyer Thinks She Has A Chance Of Not Facing Jail Time Because Of Her Age

Her lawyer states that "she has already learned her lesson."

Marcella Zoia, who is also infamously known as Toronto's Chair Girl, has been in the spotlight over the past year after she was caught on video throwing a chair off a highrise condo. Since then, the Instagram model has pleaded guilty to mischief endangering life and can now face up to six months of jail time. However, Marcella Zoia's lawyer Gregory Leslie tells Narcity that he's pushing for his client to avoid jail time, and part of the reason why is due to her age. 

Back in August, Leslie revealed that his client may have a shot at serving community service. Despite the fact that Zoia has now pleaded guilty, he still believes that this is the case. 

When asked about her chances of actually facing jail time, Leslie told Narcity that their objective is to avoid time behind bars, and focus more on community service. 

"Our objective is a suspended sentence, so probation more or less, with community service."

Zoia's lawyer continues to explain that there are a number of reasons why a suspended sentence should be considered, including her age. 

"There are a number of factors you have to take into consideration. But also, her age. When you are that young, I think the issue of rehabilitation is first and foremost. That’s what we state as defence," Leslie told Narcity. 

"We have to look at is she in the position where she can rehabilitate herself? And we are saying yes she can," he continues.

He also states that if Zoia were to face jail time, it wouldn't help her in any way.  

"So, by sending her to jail it is not going to assist in any way. When you are sending someone to jail you’re dealing more with general deterrents. You want to deter the community from committing such a crime."

"But this particular case, because of her age and everything, we’re saying that she has already learned her lesson and we’ll deal with any issues that she may have," he continues. 

Of course, it is still unclear whether Toronto's Chair Girl will actually be facing any time behind bars. 

Her court case is set to take place on Friday after the court postponed her initial sentencing back in January.  

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