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Massive 50 Car Pileup On Ontario's Highway 400 Is Causing Chaos

First the wind storm and now this.
Massive 50 Car Pileup On Ontario's Highway 400 Is Causing Chaos

Today has just been something else. First we were slapped with 100 km/h winds and snow flurries that have been knocking out power lines and pulling off roofs from houses. Then we found out that this winter weather isn't letting up anytime soon

Now, while many are just trying to get home for the night and put this miserable day behind them those taking Highway 400 near Barrie have to deal with a massive 50 car pileup. 

Multi vehicle collision #Hwy400 SB blocked at Bayfield Road. Up to 50 vehicles involved. Updates to follow
Exit at Duckworth St. to avoid delays

April 4, 2018

The pileup is actually due to two accidents, both of which are of course weather related according to local police. The collisions both happened in the southbound lanes of Highway 400 near Bayfield Road at around 3:30 p.m.

The accidents had all the southbound lanes on the highway closed at Duckworth Street but the closure was lifted at at around 6:00 p.m.

Hwy 400 SB in the Bayfield area
Photo Credit Scotty Cudlip pic.twitter.com/COyCk9NDbo

April 4, 2018

Simcoe County Paramedics say that that the first accident involved 24 vehicles while the other one included 30 vehicles.

Despite the large number of cars involved in the accident luckily only two people needed to be taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

According to OPP Const. Kerry Schmidt, "It has been just a really overwhelming day for many first responders in that area".

View of #Hwy400 on St Vincent Street bridge approximately 5PM pic.twitter.com/YkoTldxlUS

April 4, 2018

Update: Initially it was reported that 50 vehicles total were involved in the pileup however Const. Schmidt says that after further investigation, officers counted nearly 40 vehicles and a transport truck involved.

Source: CP24, CBC