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Toronto Company Takes Down Maxime Bernier Immigration Billboard After Public Outrage (PHOTOS)

Two petitions have been launched to get the billboards taken down.

Pattison Outdoor Advertising says that they have faced "overwhelming" backlash after putting up anti-immigration posters up in Toronto. The billboard is a huge picture of Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada with text that reads "Say NO to mass immigration". After plenty of backlash and two petitions against the ads, the billboard company says that they will be taking down their Maxime Bernier posters in Toronto.

There is a petition on Change.org as well as on Leadnow.ca to remove the advertisements. The latter has over 11,000 signatures. The ad started popping up across Canada late last week and the public response has been an angry one. 

Pattison Outdoor Advertising confirmed to Narcity that they're taking action. Pattison today will be telling ad firm True North Strong & Free Advertising Corp., who paid for the billboards, that they will be removed. An announcement on their website has pointed out that "it was never my or Pattison Outdoor’s intention to offend, alienate or in any way insult the public by allowing this ad to be run. We will be reviewing our advocacy guidelines, specifically relating to political messaging."

The statement continued on to say that "we will be informing True North Advertising Corp. on Monday that the ads will be removed from our sites as soon as possible."

Maxime Bernier has responded to this with animosity.

Some agree with him.

Meanwhile, the billboard, which is at Lakeshore Boulevard and Carlaw Avenue in Toronto's Leslieville area, seems to have been vandalized.