The Toronto mayor made a major commitment today that will affect Toronto drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Mayor John Tory has promised to lower speed limits in Toronto in order to reduce pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in the city. On top of this, he has also announced that there will be crackdowns on drivers who are not following the law. 

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He made the announcement during a business lunch today on Wednesday, March 20, according to CP24. These new efforts come after the city saw 41 pedestrian deaths last year, which the Toronto mayor deemed unacceptable and said that they were also preventable.  

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Now, Tory has released a new plan titled "Vision Zero 2.0" as an attempt to fight against the issue and decrease the number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths. The mayor claims that there has been some ridiculously fast driving in the city last year, contributing to the problem. 

"We simply must do a better job of catching and penalizing these drivers who clearly disregard pedestrian safety and endanger others by driving recklessly," said Tory, according to CP24. "That's also why I am fighting for automated speed enforcement on our roads."

Great to hear @JohnTory prioritizing safety on arterial roads - where pedestrians are at greatest risk. New #VisionZero 2.0 report aims to address this. I’m working w @880CitiesOrg, to bring a weekend pop-up to Danforth, demonstrating how we can design for safety first.

March 20, 2019

The mayor shared specific examples of speeding incidents to support the reasoning behind his new Vision Zero 2.0 initiative. For instance, he cited a driver speeding 127 kilometres an hour on a 40-kilometre zone in the Queen Street thoroughfare, and a motorist going 202 kilometres in an area where the speed limit is 40 kilometres an hour. 

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The City of Toronto will now start working towards making sure that Toronto school and community safety zones will get speed cameras installed in order to increase safety. Tory said that the plan is for these efforts to be completed by September of this year. 

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Mayor John Tory committed to reducing the speed limit on roads across Toronto. On top of this, there will also be more red-light cameras installed in the city and more mid-block crossings. He has not yet shared what number exactly he wants the speed limit to be reduced to. 

"We can, and must, do more to keep people safe on our roads," said Tory. "I believe the majority of Torontonians understand these are the changes we must make to place safety first in a growing city."

Source: CP24