Meet The Highest Rated Uber Driver In Toronto

Vish has a rating of 4.99 after giving 5000 rides.
Meet The Highest Rated Uber Driver In Toronto

It can be hard to find a great Uber driver. The app has become well known for its share of crazy stories and legendary drivers. Nobody's perfect, and that includes Uber drivers. But one driver from Toronto, in particular, is coming pretty damn close. 

Vishwas Aggrawal, who goes by Vish, may be the best Uber driver in the city of Toronto. The accomplished driver has an impressive rating of 4.99 out of 5 after giving almost 5000 rides. 

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It appears Vish has a number of tips and tricks that keep him at the top of the Uber ratings. He is friendly and very communicative. He always asks his passengers if they have enough room while simultaneously moving up his seat anyway.

He also lets them know exactly how long it will take to get to a destination and if his passenger is in a rush he will do anything he can to shave even one minute off their travel time. 

Vish also cleans the mats and the inside of his car between every single ride, keeps his phone on silent, only eats vegetables in his car to avoid odours, and also greets people with their name. 

Another secret to his success is using the things he has learned from school and past positions. He did an MBA at school in India and has experience in sales and marketing that helps him work well with people. 

He was brought to the public's attention by none other than Neil Pasricha, the Canadian author of the super popular Book of Awesome. Pasricha was lucky enough to get Vish as his Uber driver one night and loved him so much that he invited him on his podcast. 

Source: Fast Company 

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