Metrolinx Just Announced Their Newest Plans For GO Transit

Using GO transit as a way to get around the Greater Toronto Area is something that most of us take for granted these days. But surprisingly not everyone has that option.  

As hard to wrap your head around as it may be there are places in the GTA that aren't close to a GO stop. 

But if you're one of those people there's good news you today.  

That's because Metrolinx has unveiled its plans for the future, and it includes adding more stations.    

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Metrolinx says it plans on adding an additional 6 more GO stations. 

On top of that it says it will also says it will build 6 new City of Toronto Smart-Track stations.  

The next big move toward @gotransit expansion is now moving forward with a process to electrify the regional rail network and add more stations. Find out more:

March 26, 2018

So if you're someone who has to commute around the GTA for work, and let's be honest who doesn't have to do that, then this is certainly good news for you!  

Via Metrolinx

In a post on Metrolinx's website the company says:

"GO will offer more service with faster electric trains, more stations and seamless connections to a regional rapid transit network."   

The only problem right now is that there's no word on where or when the new stations will be built. 

In the meantime however the transit organization will be increasing GO train service, so that's at least something right? 

Sources: Metrolinx, 680 News