Whether you liked the Toronto Maple Leaf’s former coach Mike Babcock or not, you probably don’t hate him as much as this former NHL player. Mike Commodore, who played with the Hurricanes during their 2006 Stanley Cup run, tore into his old coach on Twitter following the news of his firing from the team, and let’s just say he didn’t hold back any punches.

“Hey Mike Babcock....simply put your players quit on you. They quit on you because you are a terrible human being. You are an average coach with an extremely oversized ego. You finally got exactly what you deserve, you selfish prick. The hockey world is ecstatic,” Commodore stated in a scathing tweet on Wednesday.

According to The Toronto Sun, Commodore was fired from the AHL’s Cincinnati Mighty Ducks over his weight by Babcock back in 2002.

The two were then awkwardly forced to work together again after the player joined the Detroit Red Wings back in 2011.

Commodore retired from the NHL back in 2014, so he’s had plenty of time to reflect on his relationship with his former coach. However, it appears that time has not healed the old wounds between the two.

“Folks, I will be honest, I had a nice quiet evening planned tonight. But circumstances have changed, tonight is a night for celebration and celebrating the demise of Mike Babcock,” added Commodore in a follow-up tweet.

Of course, not everyone holds such animosity towards the hockey coach.

Mayor John Tory offered the him a heartfelt goodbye on Twitter, thanking him for his time with the team.

“Thank you to Mike Babcock for your leadership as coach of our @MapleLeafs through the last five seasons,” he wrote. “You were a class act throughout your time here, and you helped make hockey exciting again in Toronto. All the best!”

The Athletic sat down with Babcock after he was fired, and he oddly had nothing but nice things to say about his old team, wishing the players nothing but success in the future.

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