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You'll Be Able To Play Golf And Break Things At Toronto's New Mini-Putt Pop-Up Bar

It'll be a smashing good time this coming January!

If you've ever felt the desire to smash a TV or break some glass while you're playing mini-golf, Toronto has got something for you! This January, the city is getting an all-new mini-putt pop-up that will feature a bar and a completely unique course. From vases to television sets, there's something for you to demolish at every hole, so if you're looking for unusual things to do in Toronto, you simply cannot miss this event.

Each hole will require you to break a variety of items in different ways. Sometimes you'll use the golf club to smash something, and other times you'll need to aim and shoot your golf balls at the item.

"For example, one hole has 12 vases and the aim is to break as many as you can with 4 shots," Smash Room Golf explains in a release on its website.

"Another hole involves having to break a TV and another hole is set on fire and you have to try to get a hole in one."

There are 500 tickets available for the January 31 pop-up event and you can pre-register on the Smash Room Golf website. The venue of the event has yet to be determined.

Ticket holders will have the chance to drink, smash things, and compete for the Smash Room Golf Cup.

Similar pop-ups will happen across numerous cities. The cup winners from each city will then be flown to Vegas in June 2020 where they will have the chance to compete against one another for the final Smash Room Golf championship.

Smash Room Golf

Location: Toronto

Price: Undetermined

Why you need to go: This totally unique pop-up combines the nostalgia of mini-putt with the rush of a smash room. P.S. Did we mention there's a bar?