TV Host Messed Up Pronouncing "Mississauga" & Residents Can't Take The Disrespect (VIDEO)

No hard feelings, though.
Mississauga Pronunciation Was Messed Up Badly On Live TV And People Can't Stop Laughing

If you're not from the GTA, knowing how to pronounce certain city names might be a difficult task. And the Mississauga pronunciation is one that can be pretty tricky to say out loud for visitors to the area. That certainly seemed to be the case for one TV host in the U.S.

During a live segment of The Jump on ESPN, co-host Ramona Shelburne pretty much butchered the name Mississauga.

In the short clip, Shelburne joins in on the conversation of how important the G-League is and basically why the Toronto Raptors are as good as they are now.

A topic of discussion was the use by the Raptors and other teams of the secondary league. Current Raptors stars such as Pascal "Spicy P" Siakam and Chris Boucher honed their skills at the G-League level.

While trying to make an example explaining how agents sometimes want players to go overseas instead of playing in the G-League, Shelburne used Mississauga to support her point.

Mississauga, of course, is both where the Raptors 905 play and a name stemming from the Anishinaabe language.

For the record, it's four syllables. Miss-iss-sah-ga.

Let's just say Shelburne didn't quite hit the mark on sounding it out, despite pausing before going for it.

Did people catch on to the mispronunciation? Of course they did.

Residents of Mississauga and Canada took to Twitter to express the extreme disrespect they felt. Well, not really.

It should definitely be noted that the mispronunciation was taken in fantastically Canadian fashion. That is to say, no hard feelings and lot of laughs.

Some people on Twitter then began to try to suss out how Shelburne might spell her version of saying the name.

Honestly, we're not sure there's a right answer.

But who are we to judge?

After all, people who've lived in the 6ix for so long still butt heads over Toronto's pronunciation. Whether you say the T or make it silent, you're both right. Or wrong. Whatever. It happens to the best of us.

There certainly don't seem to be any hard feelings towards Shelburne. Anyway, we bet she says it right next time, now. 

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