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Fans Say Mitch Marner’s Pre-Game "Ice Cream Soup" Helped Him Shine On The Ice Last Night (VIDEO)

Mitch Marner's love of ice cream just might be his golden ticket.
Fans Say Mitch Marner’s Pre-Game "Ice Cream Soup" Helped Him Shine On The Ice Last Night (VIDEO)

Mitch Marner made Maple Leafs franchise history last night after the Boston Bruins' Jake DeBrusk gave him the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to score the Leafs' first-ever short-handed playoff penalty shot goal. After a new video surfaced online, Leafs fans joke that Mitch Marner's penalty shot playoff goal on Thursday night can be owed to the snack he ate before the game.

A new video posted by the NHL's official Twitter account showed Marner digging into a bowl of "ice cream soup" before the game. In the video, Marner can be seen gleefully mixing up a bowl of chocolate ice cream, stirring the frozen treat with his spoon until it becomes nothing more than a bowl of cold brown soup. Marner appears to be narrating his mixing, alongside Leafs left-wing Tyler Ennis who filmed the video as part of the NHL Confidential series. "It's an art", he jokes in the video. "You can't leave a single piece untouched." Proving once and for all that Marner doesn't half-ass anything, not even ice cream. 

Leaf fans were quick to join in on the joke, poking fun at Marner and his sweet tooth. Some even suggested that mixing the ice cream is kind of like stickhandling practice:

That’s how he practices his stick handling.

April 12, 2019

try this, it might get you a hat trick next game:

April 12, 2019

April 12, 2019

Marner has a knack for winning his fans over. Back in February, Marner melted the hearts of hockey fans everywhere after he posed for a selfie from the ice with an excited fan. The little girl's priceless facial expression as Marner flips her a puck and takes a picture with her is nothing short of heartwarming. 

If Marner keeps this up he is sure to go down in the history books as one of the most beloved players in Leafs history. 

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