Who doesn't love some amazing discount store finds? It's virtually impossible to leave the store with just one item, everything is so cheap I always end up with at least 3 bags. Now there's a new place to spend those loonies, and it's not just your regular dollar store. Mumuso Toronto just opened its first location at the North York Centre, and it's making all of our dollar store dreams come true.

The Korean-inspired store has a different focus than the average dollar store. Mumuso is all about fashion, and you can find some adorable beauty products for super cheap at this exciting new venue.

With products manufactured in China, Japan, Thailand, and more, Mumuso has a wide variety of quality items to choose from, and also some very unique ones. Some of our favourite finds include an 'Electric Beauty Bar' which claims to slim down your face, as well as a 'Bird's Nest Facial Cleanser' with real nest extract. 

For those of you looking to Marie Kondo your lives, this is the place to go! Mumuso has tons of boxes that will look super cute on your shelves, as well as many other storage solutions. Grab a delicious smelling diffuser too so your home will look and smell incredible!

As for beauty, the adorable little hand creams are definitely a favourite! They’re perfect for throwing into your purse, along with the colourful lipsticks Mumuso offers too. You can even pick up a little cosmetic pouch to keep it all in.

The best selling item at the store is the smiling plush banana. I mean, who could resist that little yellow face? It’s the perfect edition to a couch or bed, especially in the summer!

Of course, it's not all fashion and beauty at Mumuso. You can find so many other things too, like colourful pens, cute printed bags, neck pillows, and even electronics. Prices start at $1.49 and can range up to $64.99 for some fabric speakers (still a good bargain in my mind!). This place is definitely worth checking out, but make sure you bring lots of bags with you because you'll want to buy everything!


Address: 5095 Yonge St B3 North York, ON M2N 6Z4

Why you need to go: Get some unique products from this Korean-inspired bargain store!