Students Think This Job Ad Someone Keeps Planting On Ontario University Campuses Is Linked To Human Trafficking

Something just doesn't seem right here..
Students Think This Job Ad Someone Keeps Planting On Ontario University Campuses Is Linked To Human Trafficking

It's no secret that if you are an employer in need of some new workers, university or college campuses are the easiest places to find people looking for a job. Though one mysterious company has gone about their job search in a way so sketchy that it's left students and faculty seriously concerned as to whether it's legit or a scam with dark consequences.

It all began after University of Western's school paper, The Western Gazette , published an article talking about a set of mysterious clipboards. The clipboards had been found in numerous lecture halls and were requesting student's full names, phone numbers, faculties and what city they would be living in come Summer 2019.

The odd thing was that there was no company name listed on the sign-up sheet. The only information offered was that there was a management opportunity available for a "Canadian company with 35 years of experience."

Via The Western Gazette

Naturally, students and even professors teaching in the classes where they found these sheets were a little freaked out. Especially considering the spike in human trafficking schemes appearing on campuses in Canada, it isn't dramatic to assume the worst. Though it's not just the company's decision on an eerily ambiguous job search sheet that is raising flags.

One of the professors at Western actually issued an announcement to students claiming he saw someone enter his classroom to place the clipboard on one of the desks in the class before asking students to fill it out. Later on, the professor says the same man reappeared, "snatched the clipboard, and took off out the back door."

Another professor at the school actually called out how sketchy the job advertisement tactic was in lecture as one Western student described. Claiming that while the young man with the clipboard was still in the room, his Geography professor announced: "no legitimate business would ask for information without identifying themselves."

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Once the story was shared with Western students and faculty, it was reposted on a Laurier twitter page where Laurier students began to speak up claiming they had seen similar sheets in their classes as well.

I’m in first year and this has been passed around every class I’ve had

September 15, 2018

One student even got a phone call for the job and claims that every time she asked for more details on the job and company, the person on the phone said she would have to meet with them in person to find out.

Wtf I got a phone call for this & every time I asked what the job was they wouldn’t tell me & said I had to meet up with someone to discuss it

September 14, 2018

While there is now an investigation going on at Western being conducted by Campus Police, it's unclear if there is one in the works over at Laurier. Until there is some more clarity on the mysterious clipboard and the company behind it, it's safe to say you probably should avoid signing up for any jobs on clipboards found in your classrooms.

Apart from just this situation, any job posting that neglects to give any information on the job or company unless you meet up with them in person is one not worth the risk.

UPDATE as of September 16th at 2:44 PM PDT:

Students at Ryerson University, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and McGill University have now come forward with their own experiences on campus. Their stories detailed experiences in a class where a similar clipboard was handed around to students.

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Source: The Western Gazette