You Can Take A Much-Needed Nap At This Brand New Toronto Sleep Studio

Make sure you don't hit snooze!
Nap Station Toronto Just Opened To Offer You A Much-Needed Rest

There's no doubt that the busy Toronto city life can get the best of us at times. Long days can lead to sleepless and restless nights and for most of us, trying to get a power nap in throughout the day is just not an option. But now, a new nap station Toronto has just opened up in the city and it's here to help get you back on track. Nap It Up aims to help recharge your day so you're set to combat whatever life sends your way. 

Located at the Yonge Eglington Centre in the north of the city, Nap It Up just opened on October 21. It's owned by Omar Rahman and his wife.

"When we were planning to do this, we wanted to go somewhere where it's really busy. Yonge and Eglington is really, really busy and there is so much foot traffic," Rahman said in an interview with Narcity.

So how much does it cost to get in that daytime snooze?

Well, it's $10 for a 25-minute standard package. 55 minutes is $20, while 85 minutes is $30. There are larger beds, too, although those will set you back a bit more. If you're a delicate sleeper, there are anti-snoring nose vents at $5 and eye masks at $1.50.

To celebrate the studio's opening, a half-price deal is being offered until Friday, October 25.

"The reason its 25 mins is because usually you're supposed to sleep 20 mins so we're giving that extra five mins to even fall asleep," explains Rahman.

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There is a premium package, too, for a more luxurious sleep, complete with larger bed, in-booth coat hook, an eye mask, in-booth mirror, refreshing mints, and a bottle of water. These also come with lavender humidifiers to help ease you into slumber. Both packages come with a lockbox so you can store your valuables. 

If you're one of those people who have an issue waking up, Rahman notes that customers may need to sign a waiver so that one of their employees can go and lightly nudge the customer to wake up.

Nap It Up's website says "many people experience a natural increase in drowsiness in the afternoon. And research shows that you can make yourself more alert, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functioning with a nap." However, Rahman warns about oversleeping during a nap, which "is actually bad for you because you wake up feeling nasty and groggy."

More information and pricing can be found on Nap It Up's website.

All in all, this sounds perfect for recharging. So, go on, treat yourself!

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