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O’ Canada Will Be Performed In A Completely Different Way At Game 5 Tonight

The Raptors are planning a very special Canadian national anthem at tonight's game.

The Raptors are leading the city 3-1 ahead of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, meaning that tonight could be historic not just for Raptors fans, but for Canada as a whole. With the NBA's latest announcement about tonight's Canadian national anthem, Raptors game 5 will be extra special. This morning, the NBA made the official announcement that all fans are invited to sing the Canadian national anthem tonight.

With the Raptors just one win away from securing their first title in franchise history, having the Canadian anthem sung exclusively by the crowd will undoubtedly provide the team with an extra confidence boost to intensify their home court advantage.

But on an equally important note, having Canadians belt out the national anthem is extra special for the Raptors' fanbase.  Although there have been countless occasions when anthems were started by a singer and finished by the fans, this is the first time in recent memory that the Canadian anthem has been sung only by fans from start to finish, reports The Big Lead.

The entire country is pulling for the Raptors to claim victory over the Warriors tonight, and having an arena full of 20,000 singing fans will surely remind Toronto of that. If that's not enough to push the Raptors to play their best and win the championship, I don't know what is!

Grammy award-winning R&B singer Monica will be performing the U.S. national anthem. No offence to her, but it's going to be tough to outshine the melodious bellow of an entire arena.

Toronto fans couldn't be more impressed with the Raptors' decision to let fans lead the national anthem.